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Create memorable courses and lessons with the most comprehensive LMS platform for language learning.

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In Akdmic you will find all the tools you need to create your materials, give classes and follow up on every single detail of each of your students.

Find out more about our ready-to-use language courses.

Explore our catalogue of English or Spanish courses at all levels or use our lesson library to create your own courses. Supplement the courses with your own lessons, practice exercises, extra tasks and exams.

Teaching languages has never been easier.
  1. Select one of our 30+ language courses or design your own course.
  2. Create your groups by level and share the code with your students.
  3. Invite your students to register directly on the platform.

Take control of your course in a way you never imagined.
Assign extra work, set deadlines, assess with rubrics, review progress, create reports and communicate with your students.
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Stay connected at every stage of learning.
Find our 6 communication tools at every stage of learning:
  1. Distance learning..
  2. Teacher-student chat.
  3. Comment on the lessons.
  4. Group discussions.
  5. Student forums.
  6. Teacher community.
Save time on administrative management.
Review the progress of your groups in detail, with the 10 types of export-ready reports and make the most of your free time.
Enjoy the best service and immediate attention.
From the moment you become a user of the platform, you will be supported by our academic consultants and technical support staff at all times.
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Universidad Anáhuac

"We have been working with akdmic for the past 6 years. Students at the Anahuac University have been benefited by the use of this platform as an extra support for their English as second language course”.

Universidad Anáhuac

“It has been a great tool, as we don't have to create handwritten reports like we used to.”

“What I like most about this platform is that we have the necessary material to teach our courses adapted to the study plans.”

“I can easily generate completion reports and turn them into charts that collect different types of trends.”

“As students continue to use the platform, they have reported that they feel they have inadvertently gained knowledge and are suddenly ready for the next lesson.“

“It is easy to navigate and its objectives are clear and concise. akdmic has been a lifesaver.”

“Era necesario seleccionar una plataforma que fuera incluyente"

Normal de Educación Especial

“Un LMS muy completo y cuenta con una gran variedad de actividades prediseñadas, además nos da la posibilidad de crear lecciones personalizadas.”

“A solo una semana de haber comenzado a utilizarla, tanto los alumnos, como los maestros de inglés, consideramos que es una LMS muy útil y muy completa.”

“Un recurso muy confiable a un costo muy accesible.”